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American Legion Auxiliary Unit 182 All-Night Bingo 1 October 2005


This bingo event was the first ever that the Auxiliary had ever held.  The event was a huge

Success and plans are in the making to hold another All-Night-Bingo, sometime in April 2006

“Congratulations on a job well done”




              Bingo Caller, Post Commander, Mike McFadden                 Back refreshment stand, Aux Member Carolee Watson and

                                                                                                               SAL Advisor, Post Chaplain David Watson, Jr.




                    More of Dave and Carolee Watson                                     Bingo Caller, William Thacker, Post Service Officer




                Bingo caller, Post Member, Glenn Miller                                 SAL Member and 1st Vice Commander, Carl Glackin




                                                              SAL Members, Carl Glackin, (1st Vice Commander) and

                                                                             Richard Tarbert, (SAL Adjutant)